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Hoplite Enhanced Performance Compression Socks

Hoplite OCR Compression Socks for Spartan Race

The Best Compression Socks specifically engineered to protect and support you through your lifting and training, whatever the WOD throws at you!

Have you ever had box bites from catching your toe during box jumps?

Clipping your shins on the box can send you home scraped and bruised. One of our athletes ended up with stitches in her shins after some particularly nasty box bites.

Have you ever felt the sting of missed double-unders?

While working on double-unders we’ve felt the sting of every miss ending each session with raised red and sore welts on our shins and ankles.

Have you ever had rope burn from rope climb WODs?

A little extra protection from our compression socks can save you from the rope during your climbs.

Do you have sore calves from running and jumping workouts or WODs?

The extra support of our compression socks stabilizes and supports your muscles reducing your fatigue and helping you perform your best. You can recover with less soreness the next day too!

Are your shins scraped and bruised from Deadlifting, Cleans and Snatches?

The right compression socks can help protect you from the bar.

Do you think your coach is trying to kill you?

The right socks can protect you from evil coaches too!

Ever thought about using compression socks to help with your recovery after a long run or a lot of jumping in your weeks workouts?

Compression socks aid recovery and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness after particularly grueling workouts.

We set out to develop socks that help our athletes perform at their highest level while reducing their risk of injury.

With this goal in mind we created socks with all the advantages of Graduated Compression and New Features that Outperform All Other Compression Socks on the market. In many ways we have created a whole new class of compression sock truly made to help you Train Harder, Race Faster, and Recover Better! All in one package. 


Hoplite Enhanced Performance Compression Socks

  • Socks that are thin enough to remain cool in any WOD or workout, and are tough enough to perform through the toughest workouts and obstacle race.
  • Socks that are reinforced in specific areas to guard your shins from weight-lifting and climbing and protect the wearer from particularly tough obstacles .
  • They work very well at shielding you from box bites and the sting of missed double-unders.

We believe we have combined all of these features into the best graduated compression socks available for Hard Training and obstacle racing.

They work very well for recovery and travel too!


Hoplite OCR Compression Socks for Spartan Race

We have designed each part of these socks to help you perform your best in every WOD!


Hoplite OCR Compression Socks for Spartan Race

Using a 220 needle knitting process we reach beyond Graduated Compression to develop socks that:

  • are Stronger to support and protect your legs from the rigors of High Intensity Interval Training and Lifting.
  • are Thin enough to stay cool.
  • are thicker in specific areas to Protect you from impact and abrasion
  • have an Arch Support Band to guard you from fatigue. 
  • And have thin, dense padding in the foot for greater padding and blister Prevention.

These socks will protect and support you in all your endeavors, from the most grueling WODs, on long trail runs, the toughest obstacle races, recovering from a hard workout, or for extra support when sitting for hours.

You deserve the best equipment in every MetCon and Every Lift. Hoplite Enhanced Performance Compression Socks are just what you need to take your training to the next level!

We know you’ll love our socks as much as we do!

Hoplite Performance

Train Harder - Race Faster - Recover Better

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We at Hoplite-Outfitters have been racing and training for trail running and ultramarathons since 2002. We've been coaching and training others for running and fitness since 2008. And we've been Obstacle Racing, Training, Coaching and living the Spartan Life since 2012. 

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