OCR Gloves

Made for the unique demands of Obstacle Racing 

We have searched for an ideal solution for gloves to help your performance in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).


There are few solutions that work well, UNTIL NOW…

OCR Gloves for Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and the like...


We believe we have found the best half finger gloves for OCR available...


Climbing a rope? Got OCR Gloves?


Does your grip suffer in the Rope Climb, Monkey Bars, Hercules Hoist, or Sled Drag?


Dragging heavy? Got OCR Gloves?


Do you get blisters and pinches and pain in the Farmer Walk, Monkey Bars, and Bucket Brigade?


Carrying a heavy bucket? Got OCR Gloves?


These Gloves Protect your hands from the rigors of Obstacle Racing and high intensity workouts.


Need grip? Got OCR Gloves?  
    • Silicone texture on the palm to enhance grip on wet muddy ropes, monkey bars, chains…. Anything the course can throw at you.
    • Lightweight padding in the palm for comfort without soaking up mud and water.
    • Vented pad in center of palm to drain water quickly.
    • Secure wrist strap keeps them on when pulling and dragging.
    • Tough synthetic leather for performance when wet.
    • Reinforced over the knuckles for added protection.

 Is your grip secure? Got OCR Gloves?


Our Men's Lightweight OCR Gloves have the same palm and grip features as our regular OCR gloves but have a lighter wrist strap and a thin and cool spandex back.




Most gloves used in OCR fall short in one way or another:
  • Standard workout gloves may have great grip but they roll off the hand without a wrist strap.
  • Injection molded TPU Gloves are cheap and textured well but also lack a way to secure the gloves to your hands.
  • Many tactical glove makers have great gloves that just don't grip well enough when wet.
  • Many of the other gloves we have seen on the course soak up too much water, move around on the hand or get in the way when completing obstacles.


Get some OCR Gloves today and let us know what you think.

We often provide free product to our most avid supporters for product testing. With Hoplite Outfitters your feedback really does matter. We continue to work with the manufacturer to improve the performance, fit and finish of these gloves. You can make our products better helping your fellow athletes in the future!

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