The only solution to help you get cleaned up at the Spartan Race showers

We share the same challenges every racer experiences, getting cleaned up after the race, tending to our wounds, and preparing for the long ride home.

We have developed the ONLY solution to address specific challenges of cleaning up and changing after your race.A single solution for the Spartan Race Showers

Our Clean Up Kits provide you with a single solution to make your post race clean up convenient, simple, and complete.

  • A large and durable zip closure plastic bag for your your wet and dirty clothes and shoes.
  • A durable disposable washcloth to scrub the mud off.
  • An antiseptic scrub sponge wet with antiseptic solution to clean your cuts and scratches to avoid infection and promote healing.
  • A package of 8 premoistened no-rinse wet wipes so you can truly clean your face, body and especially your sensitive areas while changing.
  • Soft, durable and disposable towels to get you clean and dry.


Each kit includes products specifically solves a problem faced by every racer after they claim their medal and prepare for the festivities and the drive home.

Often the Spartan Race Showers are a glorified hose off station with variable water pressure. Tough Mudder showers often aren't any better. Some OCR showers are nothing but glorified water fountains. We can all use a little help to really get cleaned up and tend to our wounds so we can enjoy the festivities and have a more comfortable ride home. 

Bag for your wet and dirty shoes and clothes - We've all thrown our muddy, wet shoes and clothes into a household trash bag at the end of the race later finding holes in the bag with muddy water leaking all over. We have included a tougher bag for your wet shoes dirty clothes to reduce the odds of poking holes in the bag and leaking into your drop bag.

Washcloth - A good scrub with a washcloth is really the only way to get the fine stubborn mud off in the "showers".

Antiseptic Scrub Sponge - After stories of infections in scrapes and cuts from races we decided to include a scrub sponge like those used by doctors to scrub for surgery. We use these to clean our cuts and scrapes after every race to keep out infection and promote healing.

Disposable Towels - Soft and Durable Disposable towels dry you off and give you a place to stand while you're changing. You don't have to worry about getting your towels dirty or stained. Just throw them away when you're done.

Pre-Moistened No-Rinse Wet Wipes - We always find dirt on our faces, necks, creases and sensitive areas when we're in the changing tent. Wet wipes help get you clean and refreshed before you change.

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