We're really starting to get excited about the Obstacle Course Racing season!

With our eyes on the prize we've been enjoying the suffering through the cold days of winter training, building strength, fighting injuries and working toward the OCR season (yes, I said enjoying the suffering)!

I think we all have a love-hate relationship with off-season OCR training! I typically have a long list of skills and strengths I want to build. Then there is the overarching goal of going faster and longer and faster longer that is everpresent. All of this mixed with bad weather, extreme cold and early darkness makes its own barrier to consistent training.

There is an answer (or two or three...)

I've had the pleasure of suffering with a group of athletes for the past several years. I also have the pleasure of being their coach, driving the programming to focus on their weaknesses and build their strengths to previously unheard of heights!

Finding others with similar goals!

If you've never trained with a group of likeminded people, you just don't know what you're missing! There is nothing like joining the brotherhood (or sisterhood) of collective suffering. Find a group of OCR friends to train with in your area or join an online group to help you stay motivated and accountable!

Training plans and principles to launch your fitness to higher levels!

Coming Soon, I will be publishing a multi-part guide to OCR training that will help you focus on building the well rounded athleticism you need to successfully complete any Obstacle Course Race!

For those of you that are already running OCR, this guide will help you fine tune your performance and focus your efforts to improve your performance!

I know what you're thinking, this is a little blog attached to a business that sells stuff. When is he going to start trying to sell me stuff? Well, I'm not. I have experienced the physical, mental and spiritual growth that comes from overcoming the significant challenges of OCR. I want to share my experience and help you achieve your goals and challenge yourself to reap the rewards of the OCR lifestyle.

I believe in what we have developed for OCR training, racing and recovery. The products we have made address challenges faced by every Obstacle Course racer. 

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