How your socks should fit.

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How your socks should fit.

How we want your new compression socks to fit.

Putting on compression socks can be a challenge well worth the effort. The advantages of compression need to be felt to be believed.

  • They are supposed to be very very snug, like a second skin.
  • The toes should fit well without binding or pulling at the ends of your toes or nails.
  • The front of your foot should be allowed to spread without your foot sliding around inside the sock.
  • The arch support band should be snug without folds or creases.
  • From the mid-foot around the heel and up the calf need to be tight without binding.

All of this put together improves your circulation, stabilizes your muscles, and reduces fatigue. They provide you with a protective layer cushioning your feet and legs, keeping debris out and reducing friction between your feet and your shoes. 

It's normal for the sock to slide inside the shoe a bit. The socks reduce the shearing force on your skin also reducing the chance for blisters and skin breakdown.

If your whole foot slides around inside your shoe there is probably an issue with how your shoes fit. Most shoes should pretty much lock in your heel and arch solidly while allowing the forefoot to spread and move a little inside the shoe. We've been through dozens of different shoes over the years constantly in search of the perfect fit. I suggest everyone try on a lot of shoes to find the right pair.

Compression socks are awesome for so many reasons. We believe our compression socks serve you in many ways beyond any other socks available. Give them a try. We're sure you'll love them.



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